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Feel free to e-mail the following former externs for their experience in our office. They are graduates from all over the world including many being American graduates from Caribbean schools. They prefer to communicate via e-mail.

Aditi: Our current extern

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Prab: Our recent former extern

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Externship during COVID 19


Dear Dr.Jaddou,

I want to thank you for all the support and mentor-ship you have shown me over the past couple of months. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have all faced near-unimaginable upheaval of our personal and professional lives over these last few months,. You have been incredibly generous with your time and energy to me, your staff and your patient throughout this pandemic in term of keeping us safe by offering us KN95 mask, gown, shield. In this new medicine landscape, mixing live and telehealth was an amazing experience for me in this new medicine norm. I am sure it will help me in the residency interviews.

Not only you have been a fantastic mentor to me, but you also taught me and gave me the opportunity to mentor others.

I am intrigued by your energy and the way you addressed the patient concerns and coordinated with all the other externs and the staff, showed me the best management skills.

As a result of your expertise and guidance, I have a much deeper understanding of practice-based learning, history taking skills, physical examinations, diagnosis & course of treatment, managing and updating the electronic medical records.

I truly appreciate the confidence you showed in me. My gratitude for your contribution to my future success is immeasurable.

I hope that after this externship, I might be in 

contact with you at greater length and need your guidance in pursuing my residency.

Last but not least your “sense of humor” made this journey memorable. Thank you so much. 

Yours Sincerely, YV

About to finish an externship under Dr. jaddou and I have to say, I have learned more in the past three weeks than I did in my last two years of medical school. He is very good with all the students and gives weekly quizzes on different topics too. I feel so prepared for residency as he taught us dosing of different medications already. I would recommend this externship to anyone who doesn't have any USCE because he will teach you from scratch and you will be a pro with the allscripts EMR by the end of it. A great experience overall!!

Priyal Patel, M.D., Ross Medical School, 2014

For all those who are scared of Detroit I may say that this place is lovely and peaceful. Both clinics that I had my rotation at are up-to-date in terms of technologies. Friendly atmosphere is the main reason I never felt intimidated by others. During my one month stay I managed to find good friends. Not only did we work hard 6 days a week but also had our share of fun time.

Do not hesitate to contact the program. Application is easy! I may also share my experience via email if you still have questions!

Iryna Liauchonak, M.D., 2014

(2012 Review)

"Excellent rotation. The best one I have had. Just graduated from medical school, Highly recomended. " -Parth Dave Ross University

"This externship has been a terrific experience. Also, patients who come to the office are respectful to the externs. Finally, I have enjoyed a lot this rotation and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who needs US clinical experience. " -Carlos Zanabria M.D. (2007) From Peru.

"I recently did an externship with Dr. Jaddou. It was the best externship experience I've had in the U.S. He had a very busy practice. He is a faculty at two medical schools. He is a staff at many hospitals and a professor. I am sure a letter of recommendation from him will add a lot of value." -Vineet Pillai M.D. India

Summer 2005

"...You get to work in an environment that is truly conducive to learning. The clinical experiences and knowledge that I have gained during this rotation are truly priceless. In my opinion, Dr. Jaddou is not only an amazing clinician but also a caring human being." -Siddique Khatri M.D. (2011) University of Sint Eustastius. 

Hello Dr, Jaddou,

I just wanted to thank you for everything again, I appreciate all your help and advice. I learned many things and gained from the experience. Thank you again for the LOR. I hope to keep in touch and please don’t hesitate if you ever need anything from Canada.

Sincerely, Milud


Well I am towards the end of my externship with Dr Jaddou; and I can say these four weeks have being simply amazing! We used to take history and examine patients and present the cases to Dr Jaddou. Then he would discuss the differential diagnosis and line of action; the most important part is that we were never scared to go wrong; he always corrected our mistakes in a jocular way.

Dr Jaddou is very knowledgeable and also very approachable; this externship added a lot to my knowledge.

He also used to give us handouts on guidelines for management of common cases like hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, infectious diseases, and conduct test on the same. I would say this was the most beneficial part of the externship.

Besides we also learnt to perform EKG, urine test, strep test, wart freezing, breathing treatment etc. He also used to let us write prescriptions.

The offices are very systematic and disciplined.

So overall it was a great experience that will certainly help me a lot in the career.

This is my first post ever on this site. I decided to comment since I used other people’s comments to make my decision to sign up for this externship. 

One word to describe my experience is AMAZING. Dr. Jaddou was super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. He was always trying to teach and point out things that were on the boards and things you would use in daily practice. The biggest thing is that even if you were wrong, he wouldn’t make you feel worthless or degrade you, he would kindly correct you and make sure you understood what your mistake was. I was never afraid to ask questions. To reinforce important concepts he provided handouts on common topics such as HTN, HLD, diabetes, and antibiotics that are relevant to Family medicine and for the boards. I absolutely loved these handouts and the tests that came with them.

Like the other post said, I got to take a history, examine the patient, think of diagnosis and treatment plans. I then got to present the case to Dr. Jaddou and he would listen to what you had to say and make corrections if need be. From there I brought the pt to the room where he would talk to them and examine them. I was able to perform EKG, urine tests, strep test, wart freezing, pulmonary function test, pregnancy test, and write prescriptions. I was treated as and felt like a resident.

Out of all the doctors I’ve met, he was literally the only one that made me feel that I should be a doctor. The biggest thing I was able to get from this experience was confidence. When the time comes and I match into a program, I’m going to fly out to Michigan, walk up to his clinic, and give him the biggest hug ever and thank him.

About to finish an externship under Dr. Jaddou and I have to say, I have learnt more in the past three weeks than I did in my last two years of medical school. Dr. Jaddou treats you as an intern and you are in charge of your own patients. He is very good with all the students and gives weekly quizzes on different topics too. I feel so prepared for residency as he taught us dosing of different medications already. I would recommend this externship to anyone who doesn't have any usce because he will teach you from scratch and you will be a pro with the allscripts EMR by the end of it. The office is very busy too, so you learn to manage your time with your patients effectively. A great experience overall!!

Hands-on experience with Somerset Family Medicine #837790 newshiii1503 - 02/25/17 21:50 Hi everyone. This is my 1st post in the USMEL website and I want to share some experience with you regarding the rotation that I just finished this week.

I am a Chinese medical graduate who just passed Step 2 CS last year and desperately need some hands-on USCE to help with my residency match this year. I had some experience in applying rotations through commercial groups before when I was still in medical school 4 years ago. However, that experience still gave me nightmare today because I ended up seeing no patient and learn nothing at all. Hence, this time I am very cautious about choosing the programs.

During the searching, I accidently find something on the AMA website (you can google "AMA externship" and click the first link, sorry that the forum do not allow me to put any link here). There are several programs listed here with "AMA certification". I think, well, these programs have AMA certification so maybe they are worth a shot. I applied the Somerset Family medicine listed on the top of the web page and that's how I finally met with Dr. Neil Jaddou.

Now I am very glad that I did make the right choice by rotating with Dr. Jaddou. During the past four weeks, I have seen hundreds of patients and learning so many regarding the family medicine and internal medicine. There are some students rotated with Somerset before who had put their comments in other forums. I would like to prove that what they have posted are true. I have seen so many patients every day that I barely got any time to take a break. Complete physical exam, various injection, EKG and U/A are all routines that I have to do every day. However, the most important thing that I learned in the office are the managements of common diseases such as HTN, Hyperlipidemia, URI, etc. I know that many of you has passed the steps and know the medications like me. Nevertheless, I really have no idea of how to apply the textbook knowledge into real practice until I finish this rotation. Now I am very comfortable about writing prescriptions to treat those patients.

Dr. Jaddou is a very nice person. He does spend time in educating students with great patience. He is very kind and provides free clinic in St. Joeseph Church every week. He invited me to visit the Beaumont hospital and go to dinner with him and his wife in one of the best steakhouses of Detroit. I really enjoyed the time with Dr. Jaddou and all the staff in the office.

I understand everyone wants to know about the LoR. And yes, if you work hard, it is very likely that you will obtain a good LoR from Dr. Jaddou. He has a lot of connection in Detroit area and the letter can be very helpful if you are going to apply for family medicine or internal medicine. Moreover, if you work even harder, you may get a certification of the Student of The Month, which will make your CV looks good.

I'd like to recommend this rotation to everyone, especially those IMG who has just started preparing for the match. I guarantee that you will learn a lot through this rotation. For my Chinses friends who have never been to the USA before, I strongly recommend you to take a rotation here before you do the OB with the hospitals.

I am writing to request your recommendation for my ERAS (Internal Medicine, Preliminary/Transitional Year) and SF Match Ophthalmology applications.

I appreciate the opportunity I had to complete an externship at your clinics in May 2022. It allowed me to see a high volume of patients with various backgrounds and needs ranging from acute/problem-oriented to chronic disease follow-up, procedures, and wellness visits. This first US clinical experience prepared me well for subsequent Ophthalmology and Internal Medicine rotations. Again, I am very grateful for your guidance throughout the externship and the welcoming collegial atmosphere at the clinics.

Thank you for considering the request to support my applications. I am available to chat at your convenience if you have any questions or anything you would like to discuss. I have attached my updated CV (with some recent US clinical experiences and volunteering activities) and latest headshot, FYI.