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Somerset Externship/Clerkship

Ranked on‚Äče of the Top USCE in USA


Hello Dr. Jaddou,

Thank you for the oppoutunity to do orientation at your clinics in both Troy and Sterling Heights today. I enjoyed working with you, Dr. Madhuri and the staff today. It was very nice. The way medicine practiced in the US is quite different from China. I thank you a lot for letting me have the experience.

I also want to thank you for your teaching and reminders which will help me to become a better doctor in American clinical settings. I am very eager to learn both medical knowledge and interpersonal skills between patients and doctors.

I have requested for a newer version of your book and will be reading it. Look forward to working for you in July. Sincerely,

Thank you very much Dr Jaddou! I really respect and admire you as a great doctor and a great person! Best regards,

Hi Dr Jaddou! How are you? Hope everything is great!

I passed my CS exam! I am very happy, I got high performance in all categories (Integrated Clinical Encounter, Communication and Interpersonal Skills and Spoken English Proficiency). I have already started my studies for Step 3, in order to apply for residency with its score. Any news about the article?

Dr Jaddou, I am very glad I did externship in your office. I appreciated enormously I have achieved an excellence during my externship, and this, for sure will help in my residency application. By the way, I truly appreciate everything. =)